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11 Responses to “about e”

  1. engage.photography Says:

    Hi all,
    You are supposed to see a picture above. If you don’t see anything please press F5 or just refresh your screen.

  2. ello!! wow.. i didnt know you and jenhan were so engaged to each other.. well, seeing that ur both so happy, i can only wish u all the best! hehehe.. keep the passion going! 🙂

  3. engage.photography Says:

    hi amanda, thanks alot for your support. please stop being so jealous of us. haha.

  4. nice work here guys..:) will be checkin in to see your updates then!oh and…praying that you guys WILL be diligently updating this site.heh.

  5. engage.photography Says:

    jolene – pray hard please! heehe 😉


  6. cool photoblog you have here… not bad 😉 hahaha… keep up the good work, and im looking forward to more visit in here cuz i love pictures… take care =)

  7. engage.photography Says:

    astrid! hows work? haha… i hope that this site can be a getaway for you on those stressful days 🙂 thanks for visiting 🙂


  8. great work. i enjoy it!

  9. Chehh..Nikon user only. Piirah budak!

  10. arrogant and cocky!

  11. engage.photography Says:

    yin mei – thanks, glad you emjoy it =)

    joule – dark side rules =)

    hong – thanks =)

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