about j


8 Responses to “about j”

  1. engage.photography Says:

    Hi all,
    You are supposed to see a picture above. If you don’t see anything please press F5 or just refresh your screen.

  2. I see myself in the front row of your fans!! Hahaha! 😉 Keep up the fantastic work Jenhan! Way to go! 🙂

  3. Thanks for including me in your “draw yourself at work picture” 🙂 hehehe i know im the perfection in the making, right? thanks!!! 🙂 anyway, great job and all the best!

  4. engage.photography Says:

    Keng Ping – haahaha if only i had a row to begin with 😉 Thanks a lot!

    Amanda Loong – I’m sorry but the arrow was pointed at the girl, not the tree (you):p Just kidding! Thanks for the comment and…

    ps: You can be the girl if you want to 😉


  5. aha..yes, all of them dancing under d coconut tree *cheeky grins*

  6. fuiyoh..got own quote summore…y not put d ‘godfather’ pic?

  7. shadap la yew joe

  8. hey awesomeness !! i see a burning passion to take pictures in ya…keep it going (: u got some talent !!

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