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23rd February 2008
Neil Broomhall and Natasha Abdullah
Congratulations, from


When I’m Free

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…is when I dance and dance like I’m the only one who sees.

I was told once, “You’ve got to dance like nobody’s watching and love like it’s never going hurt”.



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We all gotta learn to stand on our own two feet. If you can do it with your hands too, good on you 🙂


En Pointe

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I don’t know if you realized this, but lately our pictures have become more and more duller in terms of colours. Fret not!

Let’s bring the colours back spice things up again 🙂 . I took this picture on my sister’s ballet concert yesterday night. This is known as the Pointe whereby dancers rise to the tip of their toes in a dance movement. Usually seen done by ballerinas in pretty pink tutus, Michael Jackson changed it forever.


Lest We Forget

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On June 6th 1944, a mighty armada crossed a narrow strip of sea from England to Normandy, France, and cracked the Nazi grip on western Europe.

June 6, 2007 marks the 63rd anniversary of the D-Day invasion during World War II.