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all the waiting will pay off… i hope.



Coming home

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A thousand miles away. I’m waiting. For you to come home.



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Rezeki is from the Malay language and can be loosely translated as ‘making a living’. Seen here is a bug getting its ‘rezeki’, scavenging flowers that sprout along the cracks of a drain. While I, squat by the drain trying to catch a picture of it.

One way of another we are all looking for our ‘rezeki’.



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always broken.


Heavily Broken

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Everyday I sit here waiting Everyday just seems so long
And now I’ve had enough of all the hating Do we even care, it’s so unfair
Any day it’ll all be over Everyday there’s nothing new
And now I just try to find some hope To try and hold onto
But it starts again It’ll never end

– from “Heavily Broken” by the Veronicas

In The Wind…

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… I am free.