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23rd February 2008
Neil Broomhall and Natasha Abdullah
Congratulations, from



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Tony Eusoff, a face recognized on stage, a name recognized in the rolling credits, and a man so humble it makes you feel like Paris Hilton when you accept a compliment.

Tony plays “Tim Gor”, a goofy right hand man of a triad boss and also Rose Chan’s loverboy. Tony also happens to be the man who can grow the most beard in a day… after Ryan Giggs.

This was also taken during Rose Rose I Love You.



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This was also taken during the production of Rose Rose I Love You.

Seen here is Kerry-Ann, one of the most determined and understanding person I have been blessed to meet. Kerry-Ann plays ‘Kam Ma’, the mother in the Kam Family who are also circus acts from China and they are all adorned with traditional Chinese opera style make up.


Kuk Fa

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Kuk Fa which is chrysanthemums in Cantonese is also his ‘on-stage name’. This is KK Wong, the radio DJ of 98.8. KK played Kuk Fa who was a tailor by day and a transvestite by night to earn money.

This picture was taken during my 2 weeks stay in Genting for the production Rose Rose I Love You. I was performing as part of the ensemble.

It’s been awhile since I posted something here, hopefully with this, we will be posting up more colourful things.

*Effects was achieved by using remote flash. Internal flash to the face and external from below his chin.


One of those times…

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…you just feel like shouting your lungs inside-out.

*jenhan’s advice: [perform privately for best effect] Grab a fluffy pillow, hold it tight to your face and SCREAMMMMMM yourself silly. You should end up laughing at yourself and feeling a little better. Caution not to suffocate yourself in the process.


When I’m Free

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…is when I dance and dance like I’m the only one who sees.

I was told once, “You’ve got to dance like nobody’s watching and love like it’s never going hurt”.



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We all gotta learn to stand on our own two feet. If you can do it with your hands too, good on you 🙂